Положение об Олимпиаде

Math Olympiad «Two by Two» for Elementary School Students


Organizer of the Olympiad: Creative Laboratory «Two by Two» («Laboratory»).

Purpose of the event

  • exposing 1st-4th grade students to non-standard mathematical problems and solution methods;
  • providing opportunity to compare your results against results of other schools and regions;
  • developing further interest in learning math beyond standard curriculum

Participation terms

  1. Every pre-school or 1st-4th grade student can participate in the Olympiad. Participation of students from other cities and counties is allowed.
  2. The Olympiad is held in written form.
  3. Olympiad has four levels corresponding to 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 4th grade of Russian school.
  4. Any level is open to any student from any grade not higher than this level, but is closed to any student from a higher grade For example, level 2 of the Olympiad is prepared for 2nd grade students, but all pre-school and 1st grade students can participate in this level.
  5. There are no age-related privileges for students participating in higher grade levels.
  6. In unclear cases (e.g. when a participant is not a school student or when the grade system in his/her school is unconventional), participation eligibility is determined by age. To be eligible for 1st (2nd, 3rd, 4th) grade level, the date of birth of a participant should be on or after 01.11.2011 (01.10.2010, 01.09.2009, 01.08.2008, respectively).
  7. Any student can participate in two or more levels, although it is not recommended. In this case, only the first submitted work is graded.
  8. Time limits: 1 hour (60min) for 1st grade, 1.5 hours (90min) for 2nd and 3rd grades, 2 hours (120min) for 4th grade. Time countdown starts at the same time for all participants, upon distribution of the problem sheet for a given level.
  9. Answers and solutions must be written on designated answer sheets.
  10. Using electronic devices (cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) or text materials (except the ones provided by organizers) is prohibited during the Olympiad.
  11. Presence of parents or other accompanying persons not related to the organizers is not allowed in the rooms where the Olympiad is held.


  1. Registration will be open at http://www.mathbaby.ru during the time period that will be announced in advance. Non-registered students can participate in the Olympiad only if there are open slots at hosting locations.
  2. Each registered participant receives an email notification with specified hosting location, schedule of the event and his/her registration number. Each participant should hold on to this number; it will be required for identification of the participant and receiving his/her score in the future.
  3. Each participant will also receive his/her own participant sheet, which the participant is required to print and bring to the Olympiad.


1. Grading is performed within approximately a month after the Olympiad.
2. Grading rules:
2.1. First, the number of students who solved each problem is collected.
2.2. Based on that, 1 to 10 points are granted then for full solution of each problem (10 points if 0-9% of students solved the problem, 9 points if 9-15% succeeded, 8 points if 16-20%, 7 points if 20-25%, 6 points if 25-30%, 5 point if 30-35%, 4 points if 35-40%, 3 points if 40-50%, 2 points if 50-70%, 1 point if 70-100%).
2.3. Grading frames can be altered by decision of the Olympiad Panel.
2.4. For the group of 1st graders, only answers (not solutions) are taken into account. Some problems in other groups may require detailed solutions. Incomplete solutions and answers may receive partial credit.
2.5. The Panel develops grading criteria and has full discretion in their interpretation..
2.6. The final decision in disputed cases is made by the Panel Chair.
3. Results are published at http://www.mathbaby.ru .
4. All registered participants receive an email letter with their results.
5. Appeals can be sent to the email address provided in that email letter.
6. Olympiad participants with high grades are awarded diplomas and certificates.


1. Main location is MIREA (Russian Technological University)
2. Olympiad can be hosted in other locations, if local organizers coordinate with the Organizing Committee beforehand.


Olympiad will take place on Feb 9th 2020. The award ceremony will take place in March/April at MIREA or School 2086 (detailed information will be provided).

Financial support

Participation in the Olympiad is free of charge. Funding of the Olympiad is provided by organizers, charities and through donations.

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